Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AutoTap Express DIY Now Available!
This new tool makes it easier than ever to solve the mystery behind your check engine light. Stay tuned for more feature highlights over the next few days...

Check out the website for more info --


  1. I have been using AutoTap since 2005 and am currently at version 3.1. Can someone tell me what AutoTap Express DIY does for me that my current version does not?


  2. Hi T,
    I'm AutoTap User since 2004. I think the only hardware feature you maybe don't have is the BUS-CAN availability and the bugs fixed since 2005 =D

  3. Hi again T,
    maybe you need check out the FAQ:
    I hope this helps.

  4. Was very dissatisfied with the AutoTap Express DIY. I should have spent a little more time reflecting about the “Express” in the title. I hope to find a good price on Auto Tap 3.1 as AutoTap Expess DIY does not give any more information that I could get at a Pepboys or Autozone for free.

  5. I have OBD II reader now. I was unsatisfied use to go autozone before.